About us


ACE represents the business interests of both its members and the consultancy and engineering industry in the UK. It is the leading trade association in this sector, counting approximately 400 firms as its members. These firms range from small to large and operate across many different disciplines. Our members are among some of the world leading consultancy and engineering companies. Renowned for the quality and excellence of their work, they regularly win awards for engineering innovation and achievement.



ACE vision is to be the acknowledged single and unified voice of, and the trade association of choice, for every organisation in the UK involved with consultancy and engineering.

Mission statement

ACE promotes the critical contribution that consultants and engineers working in the built and natural environment, make to the nation developing infrastructure. ACE listens to its members, understands the issues affecting them and their clients and takes the lead in representing their interests to decision makers and key stakeholders in government, client organisations and the media.

Core values

ACE works towards these goals with passion and vision, support and commitment, integrity and professionalism.

What we do

ACE is a strong, growing and constantly evolving organisation. It currently supports approximately 400 members, giving them access to a wide range and depth of services including regular industry intelligence; debate and networking opportunities; free legal, financial and insurance advice; and, most importantly, a representative voice. ACE powerful representation and lobbying of government, major clients, the media and other key stakeholders, enables it to promote the critical contribution that engineers and consultants make to the nation developing infrastructure.

Who we represent

ACE members work on projects in every industry, from transportation to petrochemicals, from education to oil and gas. They have been involved in high-profile operations such as the Eden Project, the Channel Tunnel, the Falkirk Wheel and the Olympic Park. Many clients see membership of ACE as a badge of quality.  Membership of ACE demonstrates that a company has the experience and skills needed to provide high-quality, professional service.

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